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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 10 (Wealth and Want)

Simoun sells his jewelry at the house of Cabesang Tales.  Simoun shows off his revolver to the cabeza. The rich people of San Diego and Tiani gather there to see what precious gems the can purchase. The following day Simoun discovers that Tales has stolen his gun.  Shortly after, news spreads about the murder of three people:  the new tenant, his wife, and the friar administrator.  In the crime scene a piece of paper is found with the word "Tales" written in blood.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why does Simoun pick Tales's house to stay in?
Answer: According to him, it is the biggest and most prudent house in the area.  However, the real reason is that Simoun wants to find out more about Tales whom he sees as someone who would potentially join in his rebellion after all the injustice the man has suffered.

Question: What do the people get out of buying jewelry from Simoun?
Answer: They buy jewelry and precious gems hoping to gain prestige and to elevate their place in society.  They would be proud to say that they had bought jewelry from Simoun, adviser to the Captain General.

Question: Why is Simoun glad that Tales took his revolver?
Answer: Simoun sees that Tales is a gallant man.  He had left his daughter's scapular -- something he'd never intended to touch because he didn't have Juli's permission -- in exchange for Simoun's revolver.  Also Simoun sees in Tales a man burning with anger and a thirst for vengeance -- exactly the person he needs to join him in the rebellion.

Question: Why is Simoun glad that Selo is arrested by the civil guards?
Answer: This will further ignite the fire of vengeance burning in Tales, urging him more to join the planned uprising.

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