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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 19 (The Fuse)

Placido Penitente walks out of his class.  He is no longer the silent, tolerant youth who wouldn't stand up for himself.  He meets Simoun and joins the jeweler in his trip around the city.  Simoun tells Placido of his plans to revolt against the Spanish government.  Eventually the youth finds out Simoun's ulterior motive for the rebellion -- to rescue Maria Clara from the convent.

Points of Note:
Placido sees Padre Sibyla with Don Custodio, the man who holds the power to decide whether or not to approve the establishment of the Spanish academy.

Simoun's rebellion is planned to begin in the suburbs, and is comprised of:
1.      Abused and vengeful men
2.      Bandits like Cabesang Tales who are seeking for justice
3.      Soldiers who he had made to believe that the governor general wanted them to create a riot with the civil guards so that the general would have a reason to lengthen his stay in the Philippines
4.      Men who he had made to believe that the soldiers and civil guards were planning an attack on the convent.  (This way the men and the civil guards will have to fight against the soldiers, and the bandits and the rest of the group can freely take on the town when its defenses are crippled.)

Simoun's rebellion is organized for one goal: revenge.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why does Placido say that he no longer has any opportunity to continue his education?
Answer: There is only one university for his chosen career that time -- the University of Santo Tomas -- and the people there do not want him and will no longer accept him.

Question: Why was the former teacher of San Diego terminated?
Answer: He wanted to teach well and in the proper manner.  He became an enemy of the church and the government, who equally didn't want the natives to learn much about anything.

Question: Why does the rebellion have to go earlier than planned?
Answer: Simoun hears the news that Maria Clara is at the brink of death.

Question: What is the "fuse" to Simoun's rebellion?
Answer: The uprising is like a bomb that has long been ready but is lacking a fuse so that it can light up and detonate.  Simoun's rebellion has one goal: to rescue Maria Clara.

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