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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 8 (Merry Christmas)

No miracles come.  Juli cannot gather up enough cash, and so she goes on to become Hermana Penchang's servant girl.  It is Christmas Day.  Selo, Juli's grandfather, wallows in misery at the thought of his poor young granddaughter being so cruelly punished by fate.  In  the middle of his depression, the old man becomes mute.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: How do the friars contribute to the long period of slavery suffered by the Philippines?
Answer: The friars teach the locals about the importance of accepting their fate, learning to endure life's hardships, and believing in the miracles of carved idols.  Juli, for instance, put all her energy in the hope that the Virgin Mary would perform one of her miracles.  When none came, she learned to endure her hopeless fate.

Question: Why do the children fear Christmas instead of wishing for it to come?
1.      They don't want to wake up early to hear mass.  The cool breeze is too good for waking up late.
2.      They are made to wear uncomfortable clothes hardened by starch and new shoes that are like torture to the feet.
3.      The mass takes too long and the church is too crowded.
4.      They are made to kiss all their relatives (usually going from house to house to do such) and put up great singing and dancing performances for them just to earn a few pesos as a gift.

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