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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 6 (Basilio)

Basilio visits the forest at Christmas Eve.  The wood, formerly owned by the Ibarras, was sold to Captain Tiago.  Basilio visits his mother's grave by the balete tree in the middle of the forest.  A stranger's (Elias's) grave lay beside it.  He recalls a memory of thirteen years before, when Ibarra had helped him cremate the two bodies.  With the help of Captain Tiago Basilio is now studying to be a doctor and plans to marry Juli, his sweetheart.

Points of Note:
In this chapter Rizal describes the progressive education provided by the Jesuits in Ateneo compared to that of the Dominicans, who dominated most of the schools in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why does Basilio have to go to the woods in secret?
Answer: He doesn't want anyone to find out about his past.  He is still running from the law even after 13 years. (Note that Padre Salvi is still alive).

Question: What is the significance of Basilio curing the poor old leper?
Answer: During that time leprosy was thought of as an incurable disease, but Rizal's idea that it can be cured can be proved by today's medical advancements.

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