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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 17 (The Quiapo Fair)

The night is young and wonderful.  The fair is full of amusements and of excited audiences.  Twelve people from Quiroga's house head for the fair to watch Mr. Leeds's show.  Padre Camorra is delighted to see many beautiful ladies, and is even more pleased when they come across Paulita, who is at the fair with Isagani and Doña Victorina.

Points of Note:
The fair is composed of several booths dedicated to magic, games, circus shows, toys and other frivolities, etc.

It is January.

Take note that Simoun disappears even though he was the one who invited everyone else to watch the sphinx show by Mr. Leeds.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What Philippine culture does Rizal underscore in this chapter?
Answer: It is the art of carving images out of wood.  Rizal gives wood carving a considerable share of the spotlight, and gives the craft much praise.

Question: What is being described in the contents of "La Prenza Filipina"?
Answer: The state of Philippine press: outdated, biased, and a complete failure.  The irony here is that Ben Zayb is one of those laughing at the portrait without knowing that it insinuates, and is pointing directly at, him.

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