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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 3 (Legends)

The elite passengers of the steamer pass the time by telling stories and legends of places along the river.  Padre Florentino narrates the legend of Doña Jeronima in a rather colorful tone, and Padre Salvi tells the story of a Chinese man who was attacked by caymans but was saved because he called upon St. Nicholas to help him.  Moments later, Ben Zayb asks the captain to point to him the exact spot where a man named Ibarra was killed during his attempted escape.  Simoun becomes silent and retreats in deep thought as the captain locates the infamous region in the water.

Points of Note:
In this chapter we see that the people have already gotten rid of primitive beliefs revolving around spirits and monsters, but now replace them with even more annoying superstitions about religion.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: How does the conversation end up in storytelling?
Answer: Simoun starts the entire thing.  He hopes that when they talk of legends, the story of Doña Geronima will eventually come into the picture and he wishes to see the expression on Padre Salvi's face when it is being narrated because the story somehow relates to how the damned priest violated Maria Clara in the convent.

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