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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 7 (Simoun)

Basilio is about to leave the wood when he notices the shadow of a man approaching.  Basilio announces his presence and is surprised to find out that the stranger is indeed Simoun the jeweler who, in reality, is Crisostomo Ibarra in disguise.  Simoun tries to convince Basilio to join him in his plans to avenge the cruel death of his mother (Sisa) and his younger brother (Crispin).  Basilio, however, is not completely in favor of this plan, and tells Ibarra that vengeance would not bring his family  back.

Points of Note:
Simoun is planning his vengeance for three people: (1) Don Rafael, (2) Maria Clara, (3) Elias.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why didn't Basilio dig up the treasure by the balete tree when he frequently paid visits there for 13 years?
Answer: Elias had told him to take the treasure and claim it as his own if nobody else came.  But somebody did come -- Ibarra.

Question: Why did Ibarra bury Sisa's body but burned Elias's?
Answer: It was Basilio's wish to bury his mother's body.  And Elias wanted his own cremated.

Question: Why doesn't Simoun just kill Basilio in order to protect his secret and keep his true identity hidden?
1.      Basilio, like him, is a poor unfortunate soul victimized by the cruel clutches of the government and the church.
2.      Basilio wouldn't run to the authorities because he himself is a hunted man.
3.      Basilio ows Simoun -- when Ibarra had helped in treating Sisa's ill condition and in digging her grave as well.
4.      If things ever came to the worst, it would be Simoun's word against Basilio's, and it is no doubt that the government would believe Simoun.
5.      Simoun needs lads like Basilio for his plans of rebellion.  And among all the young men in the town, it is Basilio who understands Simoun the best.

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