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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 35 (Comments)

News spreads about Ibarra and Friar Damaso's eventful encounter.  There are even rumors claiming that the friar is already dead.  There are those who praise Ibarra, like Don Felipo, and those who find fault in the youth's lack of prudence, like the town captain.  Most of the mothers talk among themselves, assured that Ibarra's soul is surely condemned to burn in hell after what he did to a man of God.  There are other women, too, who are on his side.  Most of the townspeople think that not only will Ibarra be excommunicated, he is also bound to be labeled a filibuster.

Points of Note:
Rizal makes use of the characters' comments on the incident that happened the night before in order to clearly and creatively discuss the focus of this chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Explain the meaning of a random opinion saying that Friar Damaso did nothing but pay the price for his debt.
Answer: It can be said that Friar Damaso was responsible for Don Rafael's death, and what Ibarra did to him during their encounter was merely a collection of payment.

Question: Why does one woman envy Ibarra's deceased mother?
Answer: According to her the woman no longer has to endure the shame of her son's actions since she is already dead.

Question: Who is the woman who believes otherwise?
Answer: Kapitana Maria claims that if her two sons were in Ibarra's shoes, she wouldn't be ashamed of it.  According to her, it is a rare and honorable occurrence when a son defends the name of his parents, even if they are already dead.

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