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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 17 (Basilio)

Basilio, drenched in blood, falls into his mother's arms.  He tells his mother that Crispin, his little brother, was left at the convent by order of the sacristan mayor.  Neither of them had supper.  Basilio dozed off and dreamed that the priest and the sacristan mayor had killed Crispin.

Points of Note:
Sisa is a loving mother, but Rizal describes her with a tone of pity for her lack of insight on her sons' way of life.

Basilio is roughly ten years old, and Crispin is seven.  However, despite their young age, their characters are shown to have innate wisdom.

Basilio tells his mother that Crispin was accused of stealing the friar's money, but left out the part about the torture.

Basilio feels great disappointment, if not hate, for his drunkard father who had no sense of responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why didn't Basilio take his supper?
Answer: He was exhausted and his mind occupied with thoughts of his brother.

Question: What is it about the lives of Basilio and Crispin that is most regretful?
Answer: Both of them are equally gifted and intelligent, but due to life's circumstances these assets have been turned into nothing.  In this chapter, Rizal reminds the reader that unwise parents can only raise thick-witted children.

Question: What happened to Crispin?
Answer: The circumstances surrounding this event can be read in the following chapters.

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  1. why didn't basilio tell his mom about crispin being tortured?


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