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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 60 (Maria Clara Weds)

Captain Tiago is the only wealthy man who isn't in jail.  Captain Tinong is freed, but is terribly ill and does not want to go out of the house.  Doña Victorina, Don Tiburcio, and Linares arrive at Captain Tiago's house.  Victorina and Tiago agree that Linares and Maria Clara wed the soonest time possible, and Tiago immediately attends to the wedding preparations the following day. 

Maria Clara goes to the azotea and sees Ibarra leap out from a rowboat nearby.  Ibarra climbs up the azotea and tells the maiden how he feels she has betrayed her but has nonetheless already forgiven her.  Maria Clara stops him, and explains her present circumstances.  She swears to Ibarra that she had fallen and will fall in love only once -- and with him.

Points of Note:
For a girl, just like Maria Clara, the love of a mother is of vital importance.

Maria Clara knows that it was not confession but the medicine that Ibarra gave her through Sinang that cured her illness.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Who does Lt. Guevarra blame for Ibarra's misfortune?
Answer: Maria Clara.  It was her letter that implicated him and served as evidence against him.

Question: When did Friar Salvi reveal to Maria Clara the truth about her birth?
Answer: During the time of her illness, when he attended to her confession.

Question: What had forced Maria Clara to give up her love for Ibarra as ordered by Friar Salvi?
Answer: Blackmail.  Salvi threatened to reveal the truth of Maria Clara's birth.  His concern is not for Friar Damaso or for Maria Clara, and his anger towards Ibarra is all for his own sake.

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