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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 21 (The Story of a Mother)

Sisa runs all the way home.  She wants desperately to save and protect her sons from the danger that she feels is coming.  She comes across the civil guards and finds out  that Crispin was nowhere to be found, and that Basilio had escaped.  The guards command Sisa to bring out the friar's money which his sons had stolen.  When she cannot produce it they arrest her.  Sisa nearly dies of shame from the piercing stares of the people as she is dragged across town.  The alferez eventually releases her, and she goes searching for her lost sons. Still no sign of them.  Sisa becomes insane.

Points of Note:
It was not the alferez but the sergeant who ordered Sisa's arrest.

The mother who loses her sanity looking for her lost sons was created by Rizal from a real-life character.

Sisa's husband was an upright man in the beginning.  He started to become vile and cruel when he became cabeza.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What does Rizal reveal through the character of Sisa in the way she reacts upon being arrested?
Answer: Even the poor feel shame.

Question: What was the last thing that stirred what was left of Sisa's sanity?
Answer: A patch of Basilio's blood-stained clothes. (This becomes a very valuable accessory when the two of them meet again).

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