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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 27 (In The Twilight)

Word spreads fast across Manila about Ibarra's noble work.  Inspired by this, Captain Tiago decides that he wants to put up a convent, financed by him personally.  Maria Clara asks permission to go out with her girlfriends and Ibarra.  Captain Tiago reminds her to come home early because Friar Damaso will be joining them for supper.  Along the way they meet an old leper.  Out of pity, Maria Clara gives to the leper her scapular as a gift.

Points of Note:
The scapular and the leper are one of the elements of the Noli that connect it to the El Fili.  Leprosy before was believed to be an incurable disease.  Rizal refutes this in his second book, El Filibusterismo, when Basilio cures the leper who, as payment, gives the young doctor Maria Clara's scapular.  Developments in science and medicine today prove that Rizal is indeed correct.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Where did Maria Clara learn to be so shy and timid?
Answer: She was taught these traits during her stay at the convent.

Question: Why is Sinang impressed when she sees the lights by the bell tower in the convent?
Answer: Those lights are never turned on, because Friar Salvi is always trying to be frugal.  Now it seems that the lights have to be lit because Maria Clara is in town.

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