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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 5 (A Star in a Dark Night)

Crisostomo Ibarra settles in Fonda de Lala and appreciates from a distance the lively singing and noise around Captain Tiago's house, which could be seen from the hotel window. His ruminates about his poor father's death, and how life must have been extremely excruciating for him in prison.  Meanwhile, at the Captain's house, Maria Clara arrives.  Friar Damaso shows great appreciation for the lady.  Also introduced in this chapter is a new character, that of a young Franciscan friar by the name of Salvi, parish priest of the town of San Diego.

Points of Note:
Most likely Friar Salvi arrived late and so was not able to join the rest of the guests for supper.  In order to get a view of this friar's consequential role in the story, put considerable attention on how Rizal describes his character in this chapter.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Explain Ibarra's disbelief when he learned that his father died in prison.
Answer: Before Crisostomo left for Europe, his father was a wealthy man and was loved by all the people.  How he came to be in prison, Ibarra could not point out.

Question: What incriminated Don Rafael as a filibuster?
Answer: A photograph of the late Friar Burgos was found among his possessions.  This friar had been hanged for treason.

Question: What turned Friar Damaso against Don Rafael?
Answer: According to Lt. Guevarra, "...that I cannot understand."  But it began shortly after Crisostomo left for Europe.

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