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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 22 (Lights and Shadows)

The following days are spent preparing for the town feast.  News spreads fast that Maria Clara will grace the celebration with her presence, and everyone is excited to catch a glimpse of the beautiful young maiden.  Even Friar Salvi, withdrawn as he is, has changed noticeably since her arrival.  Crisostomo Ibarra is away for the last few days visiting the capital.  Rumor has it that he is held in prison for attacking the Friar Salvi on All Souls.  When Crisostomo and Maria Clara finally have a moment to talk, they agree to have a picnic in the forest owned by the Ibarras.  The maiden does not want to invite Friar Salvi, but Crisostomo insists that they could not avoid the priest's attendance.  To be rid of whatever animosity there is between them, Ibarra and Friar Salvi even have a brief talk.  On his way home, Crisostomo is approached by Sisa and her husband who are seeking his help.

Points of Note:
Remember that unlike Crisostomo Ibarra, Maria Clara did not grow up in San Diego.  She is only spending some days there on vacation, but lives with Captain Tiago in Binondo.

It was November.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What do the people notice about Friar Salvi the moment Maria Clara arrives?
(a)   He actually begins to enliven his sermons, and apparently enjoys it, especially when looking at the fair maiden.
(b)   He no longer converses with the townspeople.
(c)    He eats his meals rather sluggishly.
(d)   He appears to grow a lot thinner.
(e)   When people pass by the convent they notice two lights are on whenever the priest is at the maiden's house.

Question: Why doesn't Friar Salvi become enraged after he is commanded to kneel before Ibarra when the man attacked him on All Souls' Day?
Answer: He is pretending to befriend Ibarra in order to hide his plans of an even more cruel form of revenge in the coming days.  To be rather conspicuous in his hatred for Crisostomo will destroy his intentions of getting close to Maria Clara.

Question: What exactly does Friar Salvi mean when he says that "the free are most fortunate"?
Answer: Because of Maria Clara, he regrets having entered priesthood.

Question: Why is Ibarra in such a hurry and cannot give much of his time to talk with Sisa and her husband Pedro?
Answer: He was going to prepare for the picnic the following day.

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