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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 33 (Free Thought)

Ibarra heads home to change.  Elias arrives.  "You saved my life before, and now I have returned the favor.  There is no need for you to thank me, Sir," the man says to Ibarra.  He goes on to remind him not to hint to those people in power  the warning that Elias gave him earlier in the church.  Elias explains that it would be better for Ibarra if his enemies thought he wasn't ready.  Ibarra is stunned; he had no idea he had enemies.  "We all have enemies," says Elias. "Disagreement is a part of life."  Elias then confesses to have jumped the yellowish man into the excavation the moment the latter tried to make a run for it.

Points of Note:
The character of Elias reveals more depth in this chapter.  It can be said that he is no ordinary man, but a philosopher.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: When had Ibarra saved Elias's life?
Answer: He had saved him from the crocodile, during the picnic days before.

Question: Why does Elias say that what he did for Ibarra was not payment enough for what the latter did for him at the picnic?
Answer: This is a common culture of the Easterners.  Favors granted are always considered to be of greater value than the payments given for them.

Question: Why does Elias say that it is he who should be thankful to Ibarra for what happened in the schoolhouse?
Answer: The incident allowed him to repay the debt he owed to the gentleman.

Question: According to Elias, who are Ibarra's enemies?
Answer: (1) People above.  Those who hated Don Rafael for his kindness to the natives (these included the Spaniards in office, and the friars).
(2)    People below.  Those who hated Don Saturnino -- those who were tortured and beaten in their service to the man.

Question: How was Ibarra saved?
Answer: Ibarra was already forewarned that something unfortunate was about to happen, so he had already sharpened his senses for any unusual occurences. 
Elias jumping into the excavation with the yellowish man may have moved the cornerstone farther from where Ibarra was standing.

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