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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 7 (An Idyl on an Azotea)

Crisostomo Ibarra finally finds time to have a private talk with Maria Clara at the azotea of Captain Tiago's house.  This is their first time to meet personally in seven years.  They exchange thoughts, and prove to each other that neither of then had forgotten their love.

Points of Note:
The long descriptions in this chapter should be given considerable importance. They are very clear and poetic.

The most important element of this chapter is Ibarra's letter to Maria Clara, which the latter had kept safely though the passing years. 

Rizal also depicts Maria Clara's playful character. She is not like other Filipino women who are overly shy and refined. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: In the part where the couple exchange proofs of remembrance of their love, what did Ibarra say to demonstrate to Maria Clara his undying love for the maiden?
Answer: He mentioned the pledge he made on his mother's grave, to love Maria Clara and bring her happiness no matter where fate finds them.

Question: What was Crisostomo's remembrance of her?
Answer: He brought with him the dried sambong leaves that Maria Clara placed in his hat after they bathed in the river some seven years before.

Question: What did Maria Clara show him in exchange?
Answer: From her chest she pulled out the only letter that Ibarra had sent her.

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