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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 41 (Two Visits)

While Ibarra passes time in his laboratory, Elias arrives with the news of Maria Clara's illness.  The lady had apparently caught fever.  Ibarra asks Elias how the latter was able to stop the riot the night before.  Shortly after Elias leaves, Ibarra heads toward Captain Tiago's house to visit Maria Clara.  Along the way he comes across Lucas, the brother of the yellowish man who had attempted to kill Ibarra, who asks him for money for his grieving family.  Ibarra, aggravated, tells the man to return in the afternoon. 

Points of Note:
Elias becomes like a slave who bids farewell to his master, Ibarra, by disguising his intentions behind questions asking whether Crisostomo had other things he wanted him to do because Elias was actually taking a trip to Batangas.  From the day Ibarra saved him from the crocodile, Elias had dedicated his life in service fully to the youth.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why does Ibarra tell Lucas to return in the afternoon?
Answer:  In order to settle the amount he was going to pay Lucas's family? No.  Ibarra simply does not want to be bothered.  He is completely enraged by this man; Ibarra knows that Lucas's brother planned to kill him.

Question: Why does Lucas grin despite his anger?
Answer: He had formulated a plan against Ibarra.

Question: What kind of man is Lucas?
Answer:  He is a dissolute man, lacking in moral restraint.  He is ready to exchange is principles with the price of money.

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