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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 19 (A Schoolmaster's Difficulties)

The teacher in the town of San Diego accompanies Ibarra to the place where Don Rafael's body was found, and there Ibarra pays respects to the memory of his father. The schoolteacher mentions to Crisostomo the great help the late Don Rafael gave in enlivening children's education in San Diego.  The story moves Ibarra, and so he decides to build a school for the kids.  This, he says, will do great honor and justice to the memory of his father.

Points of Note:
The schoolteacher is one of the six people who attended Don Rafael's burial.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why is Crisostomo's plan to put up a school considered such an honorable undertaking considering that the children are the sons and daughters of those who couldn't return a favor to Don Rafael and who may be said to have pushed him to his tragic death?
Answer: Instead of trying to avenge his father's death, Ibarra supposes that the society had turned harsh and cruel because of lack of education.

Question: What is the very first thing that the school in San Diego needs?
Answer: A school building.  The basement of the convent is not a very conducive place to hold classes; the friar is always disturbed.

Question: How many years did the schoolteacher spend studying education in San Diego?
Answer: Three years.

Question: What is Rizal's opinion regarding the language that must be used as the medium of instruction in schools?
Answer:  Rizal believes that the native tongue would be the best language to use, as evidenced by the schoolteacher claiming that the children learned faster when he explained lessons in Tagalog.

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