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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 37 (His Excellency)

The first person the captain general wishes to see is Ibarra. However, since the youth is still to be called upon, his Excellency instead addresses the matter of the youth who had gone into a fistfight with Friar Damaso the day before, after he had insulted the sermon.  When the general asks where Damaso is, he is told that the friar is bedridden in the convent.

His Excellency then speaks with Maria Clara.  He thanks her for having stopped Ibarra from killing the damned priest, and asks her to name the reward she would wish to receive for such a noble act. 

Ibarra arrives shortly, and confers with the captain general.  They exchange opinions and ideas, and the general grows very fond of the youth.  His Excellency promises to talk with the Archbishop regarding Ibarra's case so that the latter's state of excommunication may be lifted.

When the general speaks with Captain Tiago he inquires about Ibarra's marriage with Maria Clara, and offers to be godfather during the wedding ceremony.

Points of Note:
Lieutenant Guevarra and the captain general are two of the Spaniards that Rizal speaks of highly in his Noli, proof that the novel is not a biased endeavor to attack Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: The youth who got into a fistfight with Friar Damaso is in good spirits after talking with the captain general.  Why is this so?
Answer: His Excellency did not show the least bit of anger or contempt over the incident.

Question: Why does the captain general treat Maria Clara with such grace and kindness?
Answer: He has a daughter who is her age, and is impressed by how strong-willed Maria Clara was to have prevented Ibarra from becoming a criminal.

Question: When asked what reward she wanted in return, why doesn't Maria Clara respond?
Answer: She could not say anything; Ibarra's arrival is announced before she gets the chance.

Question: Why can we say that Captain Tiago is "caught between a rock and a hard place"?
Answer: Friar Damaso orders him to cancel his daughter's marriage to Ibarra, and now the captain general is asking him to grant the latter the  honor of being godfather.

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