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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 52 (The Cards of the Dead and the Shadows)

The road to the cemetery is narrow; the moon is hiding behind dark clouds.  Three men are talking.  "Have you spoken to Elias?"  says one.  No, comes the reply.  But Elias is included because he saved Ibarra's life.  "He brought my wife to a doctor..." says the first speaker, "so I consented."  A few minutes later, Lucas arrives and instructs them to attack the barracks and the church.  Elias, after spying on Lucas, finds out about the plan that will implicate Ibarra.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Who are the three shadows?
Answer: They are Pedro (Sisa's husband), Tarsilo, and Bruno.  Pedro will attack the convent to avenge his wife and sons; the two brothers will head for the barracks to exact vengeance upon the soldiers, who were responsible for their father's death.

Question: Why does Pedro ask the brothers whether or not they had spoken to Elias?
Answer: They had expected Elias to join them because he is indebted to Ibarra since the man saved his life.

Question: Who is "Ibarra's servant"?
Answer: Lucas pretends to be only carrying out orders from Ibarra.

Question: Why does Elias light a match when he gambles with Lucas?
Answer: In order to see the man's face.  It is difficult to recognize anyone in the dark.

Question: Where does Lucas run off to?
Answer: To the church.


  1. I think you made a typo there in the first question.

    "Bruno will attack the convent to avenge his wife and sons;"

    "Bruno" should probably be Pedro.


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