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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 14 (Lunatic or Sage)

Tasyo the Philosopher wandered aimlessly from the cemetery.  He had had a talk with the town captain, whom he bombarded with superstitious teachings of religion.  He had also met the two brothers, Basilio and Crispin, who could not go back home after the sacristan mayor denied  them the freedom to leave the cathedral before eight in the evening.  On his way Tasyo passed by the home of Don Felipo, whom the latter shared with his wife Doray.  Both men discussed the issue of purgatory.

Points of Note:
Tasyo the Philosopher is one of the most consequential and immortal characters created in the history of Philippine literature.

Don Felipo is also one of the most-loved characters of the Noli.  He had great respect and high regard for the old philosopher.

That time there was an impending storm.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Based on the life of Tasyo the Philosopher, what rotten and corrupt ways did the Spanish friars use during that time, that further worsened the social cancer?
Answer: The friars frightened the rich, scaring them off so that they wouldn't send their children to school by having them believe that the educated man eventually forgets God.

Question: The dumb consider Tasyo insane.  Why is this so?
Answer: Their tiny minds could not comprehend the deep and metaphorical words of the old philosopher.

Question: Why was Tasyo glad at the coming of the storm, saying that with it comes hope?
Answer: He wanted the world to drown in yet another great flood so that the rotten society can rise again.

Question: What proof did Tasyo have that made him deny the existence of purgatory?
Answer: It wasn't written in the Bible, in evangelical writings, and not even mentioned by Moses or Christ.  Even pagan beliefs do not include purgatory.

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