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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 36 (The First Cloud)

Ibarra is excommunicated, as punishment for his cruel and shameful treatment of Friar Damaso.  Maria Clara breaks down in tears, and Captain Tiago visits her in the convent.  There, Damaso makes clear to Tiago that the planned marriage between Ibarra and Maria Clara is to be nullified.  The captain general arrives.  He calls for Maria Clara, who stays in solitude insider her room.

Points of Note:
When a man is excommunicated, he is not to be talked to or given notice by all who practice the Catholic faith.

Friar Damaso is staying in the convent, which is the reason why he opts to meet with Tiago there.

The captain general is staying at Captain Tiago's house.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What will be the consequences in the event that Captain Tiago pushes through with the plan of marrying his daughter to Crisostomo Ibarra?
Answer: According to Friar Damaso, Tiago will be hanged and after his death his soul will go straight to hell (religious blackmail).

Question: To whom does Friar Damaso want Maria Clara married?
Answer: Damaso wants her to marry a Spaniard, a relative who will be visiting from Spain.

Question: What is the supposed ending to Maria Clara's lamentation: "Oh, if I only had a ...!"?
Answer: "... mother."

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