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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 40 (Right and Might)

All the people head towards the town plaza to witness the play.  When the show starts the friars are already in their designated seats.  Friar Salvi, however, does not see what is happening on stage; his full attention is focused on Maria Clara.  After the first half of the play Ibarra arrives.  Friar Salvi orders Don Felipo to prohibit Ibarra from watching the play, since the youth has been excommunicated, and his presence would corrupt the celebration.  When Don Felipo refuses to follow the priest's orders, Salvi motions to his companions and leaves.

Points of Note:
Rizal describes in vibrant detail the indigenous colors, customs, and traditions that surround the night of the fiesta.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why doesn't Ibarra figure out the reason for Maria Clara's silence towards him?
Answer: He does not expect that those practices that are being laughed at in Europe, such as the punishment of excommunication, are still strictly observed in the Philippines.

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