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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 28 (Correspondence)

A news reporter describes in the papers how the feast in San Diego was grand, fanciful, and unparalleled.  Maria Clara writes to Ibarra, worried because she didn't see him all afternoon.  The rumors of him being sick leaves her extremely troubled.  She asks that he visit her the following day.

Points of Note:
This chapter narrates events through the use of letters exchanged by the characters.

It can be observed from the reporter's writing that he injects his own opinions into the news.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What does Rizal say about the feasts of the Saints in the Philippines?
Answer: He comments that they come one after the other, and are a never-ending parade of celebrations if so strictly and religiously followed.

Question: What can be said about the images of the Saints during that time?
Answer: They are adorned with gold and silver and precious stones, but it is common knowledge that they became saints partly because of their simple lifestyle.

Question: Is there any truth in the rumors that Ibarra was ill?
Answer:  Word spread fast that Ibarra was ill so he couldn't make it to Captain Tiago's house.  The young man may have called in sick in order to avoid crossing paths with Friar Damaso.

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