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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 54 (Revelations)

The angelus plays, and people pause to pray.  But Friar Salvi continues to walk toward the house of the alferez.  The two enemies talk.  Salvi tells the alferez that he had learned through a confession that there was a plan of rebellion ensuing, and that the latter should ready his men.  Friar Salvi requests from him soldiers to guard the church.  Meanwhile, Elias rushes to Ibarra's house and explains that the plot had already been discovered, and Ibarra was accused of leading the rebellion.  Elias immediately tells him to run and escape, but not before burning all the documents, letters, and any evidence that would implicate him.  In one of these letters, Elias discovers that it was Ibarra's great grandfather who had accused his great grandfather of arson.

Points of Note:
Elias lives for only one purpose: To find and exact vengeance on the descendants of that cruel Spaniard who accused his great grandfather of a crime without any proof, which had then been the cause of his family's disgrace.  He now discovers that the man he was searching for was Crisostomo Ibarra.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: How does Friar Salvi offer his hand when the ladies reach out to kiss it?
Answer: He slides his hand down to the level of their breasts.

Question: Did Linares follow Victorina's wishes, and duel with the alferez?
Answer: Yes, he did.  But the plan didn't push through.

Question: When the alferez closes the door to talk alone with Friar Salvi, Doña Consolacion becomes enraged.  Explain.
Answer: She had been listening in on their conversation.

Question: How is Crisostomo Ibarra's selfishness manifested in this chapter?
Answer: While Elias practically begs Ibarra to run away and save himself for the sake of his motherland, Crisostomo keeps thinking about his intended meeting with Maria Clara later that evening.


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