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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 58 (The Accursed)

The relatives of those caught during the rebellion break down in tears.  Aling Doray, with her child, sobs waiting for Don Felipo.  Capt. Tinay and the others weep for their sons and husbands.  Andong's mother-in-law speaks out in anger.  When the twenty prisoners are taken outside at two in the afternoon, all of them are tied up except for Ibarra.  All the people blame him for the dark fate of their loved ones in captivity.  Ibarra does not have a single friend in the crowd.  Not even Nol Juan, the schoolteacher, or Captain Basilio is in sight.  From a hilltop, Tasyo the Philosopher watch the prisoners leave.  He couldn't go to them because of his ill health.  The following day Tasyo is found dead.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Of all the women in the Noli who does Rizal refer to as the greatest of all, if not the only one great? 
Answer: It is Capt. Maria, the mother of twin boys.  She is the perfect example of an ideal mother, and not Sisa.

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