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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 46 (The Cockpit)

It is Sunday, and virtually everyone is in the cockpit.  Two brothers, Tarsilo and Bruno, are among the audience.  They wish to place their bets and join the fun, but they have no money with them.  Lucas approaches the two boys and offers them cash, reminding them of the vengeance they have to exact upon those who caused the death of their beloved father and inviting them to join him in a rebellion he is planning to start.  The boys refuse.  Later on, the brothers see Lucas talking to Pedro, the father of Basilio and Crispin.  Eventually Tarsilo and his brother decide to join Lucas in his undertaking.  According to Lucas, the rebellion is Ibarra's idea.  The boys leave after each getting thirty pesos from the man, agreeing to meet at the cemetery at eight in the evening. 

Points of Note:
The character Captain Pablo in Batangas is different from the Captain Pablo in the cockpit.

Pedro is Sisa's husband.

In this chapter Rizal scrutinizes cockfighting. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What are the different issues that plague the practice of cockfighting?
Answer: (1) A man gives more care and attention to his cock than his children and his family, (2) immediately after the holy mass, people head for the cockpit - gambling after having bathed in holiness, (3) it is a cruel fight for chickens.

Question: Who are Tarsilo and Bruno?
Answer: They are the brothers who took the lead in attacking the barracks in order to exact punishment on the soldiers who made a scandal out of the show during the town fiesta.  Their father died under the cruel hands of the civil guards after having been beaten to death for false and unproven accusations.

Question: Why didn't they avenge their father's death?
Answer: They worried about their younger sister, who would be left alone if they ever died in a quest for vengeance.


  1. Is it true that the rebellion was Ibarra's idea or was Lucas lying?


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