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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 45 (The Hunted)

Just like Elias had told Ibarra, he leaves for Batangas in search of Captain Pablo.  He finds the man weak and wounded in the middle of a forest.  Elias persuades Pablo to go with him and live a free life but the latter refuses, saying that he cannot turn his back from the life he has made for himself, that of a man hunted but still fighting for his principles and his honor.

Points of Note:
The allusion "Pablo" among the rebels in the mountains is coined from the name of Captain Pablo.

Elias and Captain Pablo share the same methods of rebellion -- spare the innocent.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: How did Elias and Captain Pablo come to know each other?
Answer: For six months Elias wandered around like a madman, not knowing how to avenge his family.  Captain Pablo, a well-off man, took him in and rescued him.

Question: How did Captain Pablo become an outlaw?
Answer: A catholic priest raped his daughter.  In a quest for vengeance, his two sons tried to hunt down the alleged friar.  Pablo didn't want revenge that time and remained prudent, until one of his sons became involved in a fabricated church robbery and was hanged.  The crime was never proven; the priest was reassigned to another town.  Eventually Pablo's other son got arrested for forgetting to bring his cedula.  He was abused and tortured until he finally decided to kill himself.

Question: Why does Pablo refer to himself as a tree without branches?
Answer: He had no more sons.

Question: What happened to Pablo's daughter?
Answer: Although not clearly stated in the chapter, it can be assumed that the girl killed herself out of shame.

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