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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 59 (Patriotism and Private Interests)

The many corporations celebrate Friar Salvi's triumphant discovery of the rebellion.  The people in the government and the church hope for a big promotion of their offices because of the successful efforts to put a stop to the uprising.  The friars blame it all on the Jesuits, who they claim had messed with the minds of the youth.  Captain Tinong is restless and worried that he might also be arrested simply for being Ibarra's acquaintance.  Word spreads around Manila that all the praises about Ibarra's schoolhouse are false; it is actually a place for the rebels, a tower of rebellion.

Points of Note:
Don Primitivo is a caricature created by Rizal, similar to Captain Basilio and Doña Victorina:  He always speaks in Latin, but people do not understand a word he says.

The friars hold a great celebration in honor of Friar Salvi and his discovery of an uprising -- through Holy Confession.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What kind of character is Captain Tinong?
Answer: He is a social climber.  He constantly goes with those in power so that he to may be elevated in his social standing.

Question: Why are Captain Tinong and other wealthy men in Tondo being prosecuted as well?
Answer: This is a way for the government to confiscate their wealth and to put an end to the activities of liberal thinkers like Don Felipo.


  1. Why does the title patriotism and self-interest?

    1. This chapter prompts the reader to consider which actions signal true patriotism, and at the same time reveals the selfish agendas of other major characters who may seem one way on the outside and another way on the inside.


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