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Noli Me Tangere: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 61 (The Chase on the Lake)

Civil guards to after Ibarra and Elias on the lake in hot pursuit.  Elias jumps off the boat to mislead the men, saving Ibarra's life.

Points of Note:
In spite of Elias's sad fate -- no love, no happiness -- he still wishes to stay and suffer and die in his motherland.

In this chapter is born Simoun of El Filibusterismo, a man poisoned by misfortune and repays it with violence and cruelty to his countrymen.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: According to Elias, what is man's greatest misfortune?
Answer: Man's greatest misfortune is to feel hate for his own country.

Question: Describe Elias's bravery and heroism.
Answer: When he stands to take of his clothes, his garments are ripped off by the bullets fired by the civil guards.  He still has the audaciousness to shake hands with Ibarra, who is lying flat on the boat, and to tell him that he (Elias) will meet Ibarra's great grandfather in the grave at Noche Buena, before leaping into the water.

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