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Rizal in Dapitan

Exiled to the frontier town of Dapitan in northwestern Mindanao on July 17, 1892, Jose Rizal used his time and skills productively to ease his solitude and improve the Dapitanons' lives.  For four years, Rizal busied himself with various pursuits and occupations -- as an educator, doctor, farmer, artist, architect and engineer, entrepreneur, scientist, and scholar.

Rizal Shrine Dapitan reflects the diligent lifestyle led by Rizal through the rebuilt structures of his nipa hut residence, hospital, and dormitory, dam and waterworks.  The Rizaliana Museum exhibits Rizal's original clothing, blackboard and desk he used in his boys' school, and reproductions of sculptures, paintings, and select manuscripts.  The Shrine affirms the hero's patriotism  through his prolific industry and selfless service to his fellowmen.

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