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Rizal's Code of Ethics

  1. Don't gamble.
  2. Don't be a drunkard.
  3. Don't break the laws.
  4. Don't be cruel in any way.
  5. Don't be a rabid partisan.
  6. Don't be merely a fault finding critic.
  7. Don't put yourself in the way of humiliation.
  8. Don't treat anyone with haughtiness or contempt.
  9. Don't condemn anyone without first hearing his side.
  10. Don't abandon the poor man who has right on his side.
  11. Don't fail those without means who show application and ability.
  12. Don't associate with immoral persons or with persons or bad habits.
  13. Don't overlook the value to our country of new machinery and industries.
  14. Don't ever cease working for the prosperity and welfare of our native land.

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