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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 27 (The Friar and the Filipino))

Isagani is summoned by Padre Fernandez.  The priest wants to talk to him about his involvement in the celebration held at the panciteria.  Their discussion, however, focuses on the ways by which the friars conduct education.  According to Isagani, the friars are intentionally delivering antiquated education to keep the Filipinos from aspiring for freedom and civil liberties.  He argues further that those who yearn for such dreams are immediately labeled as filibusters, revolutionaries, and rebels.  In response to the youth’s claims, Padre Fernandez says that not all friars are backward and are against the idea of educating the natives and the people.  Education, he says, can only be given to minds that are ready and deserving.

Points of Note:
Isagani is still in his first year at the University of Santo Tomas.  He came from Ateneo de Manila.

During that time, the population of the Filipinos was roughly 8 million.

The Dominican order is one of the groups that hold the authority to educate the youth during that time.  After the Jesuits left Philippine soil, the Dominicans took over the job completely.  The University of Santo Tomas and the College of San Juan de Letran are under Dominican administration.  The Ateneo de Manila, on the other hand, is run by the Jesuits.

Similar to what happened with Senor Pasta, Padre Fernandez could not win an argument with Isagani.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What is Rizal’s opinion about the Dominicans monopolizing education in the country?
Answer: According to Rizal, it seems as if the government is auctioning off Philippine education to the Dominicans and although the friars are not doing the job right, the government turns a blind eye because the fact remains that it continues to benefit from the arrangement.

Question: What is the meaning of the Latin phrase, “Vox populi vox Dei”?
Answer: It means “The voice of the nation is the voice of God.”  If the nation itself is crying out and begging for something, it is as if God himself is asking for it.  The revolt of the nation is also the revolt of God against an oppressive government.

Question: According to Isagani, what do the students need from the friars?
Answer: The students want to be treated with respect and to be given the proper education that they deserve from the friars.

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