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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 25 (Smiles and Tears)

The university students organize a feast at the Panciteria Macanista de Buen Gusto in honor of Don Custodio because of his decision regarding the Spanish academy.  They are fourteen in all, including Sandoval.  They paid for the entire place, so that it would be exclusively for them and no other customers could get in.  As Don Custodio had decided, the Spanish academy would have to be supervised by the Dominican order and they, the students, simply had to gather and collect financial contributions for the proposed school.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why did the students hold a feast?
Answer: It is a satirical mockery of their being in favor of Don Custodio’s decision, according to Padre Irene, in order to celebrate the Don’s affirmation of the plans for the proposed school.

Question: How many students were there in the feast?
Answer: There were thirteen Filipinos and one Spanish student, Sandoval.  Isagani arrived, which made them fifteen.  They were supposed to be sixteen all in all, but Basilio didn’t come.  Macaraeg, Tadeo, and Pecson were in attendance as well.

Question: What really happened to Simoun?
Answer: Because he forgot about the warning blast, Simoun’s group had gone out of order.  Maybe one of the men from his group, say, Kabesang Tales, in anger had piled up hatred towards him.

Question: What are the four authorities of the Philippines according to Isagani?
Answer: According to Isagani, “Quiroga is one of the four.”  Who are the other three?  Simoun. The General. The friars.

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