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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 28 (Tatakut)

Rumor and gossip fill the city streets and corners.  Practically everywhere, people are talking about the seditious posters in the walls of the university.  People say that the students who were arrested were shot and deported to far-off places; they also say that some luckier members of the student organization had conspired with thieves and bandits as well as with certain German vessels in a plot to overthrow the government.

Points of Note:
This chapter is a clear description of the image of a fearful society, and how this fear causes more damage than an actual battle.  Here we see how news grows bigger and bigger through word of mouth.

What is called the city of Manila during those days is the Walled City or Intramuros.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: What signifies the fear of the friars in recent events?
Answer: Not one of them went to the house of the Chinese businessman Quiroga, despite the fact that there have been new arrivals for them to choose from and “purchase.”

Question: Why does Ben Zayb say that teaching can destroy the Philippines?
Answer: According to him, the Filipinos who grow in knowledge learn to become rebels.  Ben Zayb shares the same opinion with Padre Damaso in Noli Me Tangere.

Question: What does Simoun plan to do with the guns and cartridges he left with Quiroga to hide?
Answer: He will distribute those among the men who will join him in the revolt.

Question: Why doesn’t Simoun show his face to anyone, not even Quiroga?
Answer: He is ill.  He does not want to be questioned about his condition.  He also does not feel good about the events that have transpired.  Maria Clara is dead.  The plan to revolt is compromised.  His temper is short.  Simoun wants to be alone, to think things through.

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