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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 24 (Dreams)

Isagani meets Paulita Gomez at the Luneta.  At that moment, the sun is setting behind the mountains of Maribeles.  In their conversation, Isagani shares his visions of progress and social and economic development for his country.  He talks to Paulita about his plans to expand the railways, to improve commercial trade, and to somehow achieve mutual cooperation between the Philippines and Spain.  To his dismay, however, Paulita tells him that his visions are nothing but unattainable dreams.

Points of Note:
This chapter compares two different kinds of youth:  One who loves his country, and another who loves himself.  This is also a very good avenue to study the dynamics of two hearts that yearn for two very different things – the hearts of Isagani and Paulita.

This chapter also describes Rizal’s vision of the improvement and development of the cities of Quezon and Mandaluyong, which today have become very progressive towns.

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