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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 36 (Ben Zayb's Afflictions)

From Capitan Tiago’s house, Ben Zayb runs to his abode to write about the shocking events that have transpired.  In his writing, he makes the governor-general, Padre Irene, Don Custodio, and Padre Salvi look like heroes.  He also wishes the governor-general a safe journey.  Meanwhile, the governor-general prohibits anyone from talking about the events that have taken place at the wedding celebration of Paulita and Juanito Pelaez.  According to rumors, a band of thieves had attacked a friar’s house.  The robbers who are caught describe to the authorities the man who supposedly ordered them to attack the town after the signal is given.  Their description indisputably leads to Simoun.

Points of Note:
In this chapter Rizal gives light to the false and biased method of delivering news during those days.

This is the first time that Simoun’s disguise is compromised.  This is the first time that he is suspected.  All the clues lead to him and all the fingers are pointing at him.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: According to Ben Zayb, why did Padre Irene rush to hide under the table when the man who grabbed the lamp barged into the room?
Answer: According to him, the priest did it to get out of the way of the men who were chasing the youth.  The truth:  The friar hid because of fear.  That was when he saw the pack of gunpowder hidden underneath the table.

Question: According to Ben Zayb, what had caused Padre Salvi to faint?
Answer: According to him, the friar fainted because his sermon to the Indiyos had been in vain.  After he had given a long, drawn-out speech about goodness and kindness to others, there were still Indiyos who did nothing but evil.

Question: What had been Padre Carmorra’s punishment for raping Juli in Tiyani?
Answer: He was sent away.  He was made to stay in the rest house of the priests in Pasig.

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