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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 37 (The Mystery)

Isagani, Sensia, Capitana Loleng, Capitan Toringoy, and Chichoy discuss the events of the previous night.  Chichoy says that Simoun the jeweler is the mastermind behind all that had transpired, and that he was responsible for plotting to kill all the guests at the wedding feast.  Chichoy also adds that the lamp was supposed to start the fire, ignite the gunpowder, and set off the explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why did Isagani’s friends put him into hiding?
Answer: There were rumors going around that Isagani was responsible for putting the gunpowder in Capitan Tiago’s house to get back at Juanito for taking Paulita away.  This, however, was not true.  Eventually it was proven that Simoun was the person behind it all.

Question: Why couldn’t the trouble at the house of Don Timoteo and Simoun’s connection to it be kept a secret from the people?
Answer: There were workers, government officials, and witnesses on the night of the feast.  News has wings; the ground has ears.

Question: Prove that Isagani was the one who took the lamp and threw it into the river.
a. He was the one who had last corresponded with Basilio, and the only other person who had known the purpose of the lamp.
b. He said, “If the thief had only known the true objective of that explosion, or if he had only taken a moment to think it over… he would not have done such a thing!”  His words, “If I were to be paid a price – any price at all – I would never consent to be in the shoes of that thief!” clearly separate his two conflicting sides:  the Isagani who had loved Paulita to death, and the Isagani who now regrets the failed plan of sweet revenge.  From what he says, it is clear that he now regrets throwing the lamp into the river.

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