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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 34 (The Wedding)

Basilio wanders around the streets of Manila, waiting for the explosion that would signal the start of the revolution.  He passes Calle Anloague, where Juanito and Paulita’s wedding celebration is going on.  After surveying the ornate decorations, the guards stationed at the entrances, and the important and prominent visitors present at the feast, Basilio assumes that this could be the crucial gathering Simoun was talking about.

Points of Note:
From Simoun’s house in Escolta, Basilio goes to Anloague where Capitan Tiago’s house was.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Where is Isagani if he is not at home?
Answer: This can be read in the next chapter.

Question: Why is it important to remember that Sinong is Simoun’s coachman in order to have full understanding of the events?
Answer: It becomes clearer that Simoun was the reason why Basilio had been detained for so long.  Sinong was the one frequently visiting the students in prison and had become the messenger, especially of the news about the death of Juli.  The dumb Sinong, on his own accord, did not dare visit the one with grave charges – Basilio.  He could have been easily implicated by those in power.  When he did finally pay the youth a visit, it was as a favor to Simoun – to add to the bitterness of his situation and to poison his heart and mind with hatred against those who put him there.

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