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El Filibusterismo: Summary and Analysis of Chapter 26 (Pasquinades)

Basilio reports to the hospital but is a little confused when he sees other students acting as if there were no classes that day.  One of the students informs him that there were found seditious and revolutionary posters at the walls of the university, and that these posters had implicated the student organization.  The government has also demanded the arrest of all the members of the student organization, as well as those who took part in the celebration at the panciteria.  Basilio goes to Macaraeg’s house to loan some money, however both of them are arrested by the authorities.

Points of Note:
Basilio is a doctor in training, having his practicum at the hospital.

During those days, Filipinos who finish are not given the title of Doctor.  Instead, they are only given a degree.  However, they can still cure the sick and practice medicine.

Basilio has strived long and hard not to get involved in matters of politics because of his ugly experiences as a child.  This time, however, it seems he can no longer escape it.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question: Why can’t Basilio borrow money from Captain Tiago?
Answer: He does not want Tiago to think that he is asking for an early installment of the riches the old man promised he would inherit.

Question: Does Simoun have anything to do with the posters?
Answer: According to what Basilio was told, no.  Simoun is recovering from the mess he encountered two days ago.

Question: Why does Isagani turn pale while delivering his speech?
Answer: He is angered by the recent events, and by his comrades who had seemingly lost their right minds in fear of such events.

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