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El Fili Manuscript: The Unpublished Warning

Not all of the text contained in the original manuscript of the El Filibusterismo was included in the printed book.  Two such texts are the Foreword and the Warning.  These portions of the book were eliminated to save on printing cost.

The Warning reads:

They are going to waste their time who would attack this book by holding on to trifles, or who from other motives, would try to discover in it more or less known physiognomies.  True to its purpose of exposing the disease, of the patient, and, in order not to divert himself nor divert the reader, whilst he narrates only real facts which happened recently and are absolutely authentic in substance, he has disfigured his characters so that they may not turn to be the typical pictures some readers found in his first book.  Man passes; his vices remain, and to accentuate or show their effects, the pen of the writer aspires.

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