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On Heidelberg University

August 6, 1886

For its fifth centenary the famous University of Heidelberg celebrated its Festung this morning, and we attended.  I liked the picture better than the original itself.  There were, however, many elegant and brilliant costumes; Bugmuller, the famous student of Heidelberg, was dressed as Frederick the Victorious; Lieberman, as a gentleman of the seventeenth century; Gregoire, wolf of Schwahen, etc.  Last night was Schlorsfest.  When will these gaieties enjoyed in this poetic and beautiful city come back?  When will the foreigners return there?  When shall I return after I shall have left?  Inquire the fate of the molecules of water that the sun evaporates..  Some fall as dew on the bosoms of the flowers; others are converted to ice and snow; others into mud or swamp or torrential cascade -- they are not lost but continue to live in nature.  Will my soul have the fate of water -- never being lost into nothingness?

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