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On Life in Dapitan

December 19, 1893

I shall tell you how we live here.  I have three houses: one square, another hexagonal, and a third octagonal, all of bamboo, wood, and nipa.  In the square house we live, my mother, sister Trinidad, a nephew and I; in the octagonal live my boys or some good youngsters whim I teach arithmetic, Spanish and English; and in the hexagonal live my chickens.  From my house I hear the murmur of a crystal, clear brook which comes from the high rocks; I see the seashore, the sea where I have small boats, two canoes or barotos, as they say here.  I have many fruit trees, mangoes, lanzones, guyabanos, baluno, nanka, etc.  I have rabbits, dogs, cats, etc. I rise early -- at five -- visit my plants, feed the chickens, awaken my people and put them in movement.  At half-past seven we breakfast with tea, pastries, cheese, sweetmeats, etc.  Later I treat my poor patients who come to my land; I dress, go to the town in my baroto, treat the people there, and return at 12, when my luncheon awaits me.  Then I teach the boys until 4 PM and devote the afternoon to agriculture.  I spend the night reading and studying.

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