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Rizal Park at Night

Here is a collection of photographs of Rizal Park taken at night.  Click on the pictures for a larger view:

These busts of Filipino heroes runs along the length of the paved portion of the park.

With dancing fountains on display every night, Rizal Park is a favorite place to hang out and have fun at evenings.

Dancing fountains illuminate Luneta at night, and enliven the atmosphere with jovial music.

These dancing fountains run in sync with lights and popular music.

With artistic light displays, the expanding spray of water serves as a canvas on which moving images are projected.

The world-famous Rizal monument is also the place where Jose Rizal's remains lie

The Rizal monument, made grander with bright lights at night.

On each side of the Rizal Park, there are rows of food stalls and vendors that sell practically anything from food to souvenirs to photographs and playthings.

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