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Rizal Worship: The Rizalistas

The Rizalistas are a group of people who worship Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, as a divine being and deity.  Similar to other religious groups, the Rizalistas have different sects whose beliefs may vary, but nonetheless share the same faith in Jose Rizal.  These sects have different founders, founded on different dates, and are scattered in different parts of the archipelago.  Some of the registered groups of Rizalistas today include:

  • Espiritual Pilipino Catholic Church
  • Samahan ng Tatlong Persona Solo Dios
  • Iglesia Sagrada Filipina
  • Ciudad Mistica de Dios
  • Watawat ng Lahi
  • Adamista
  • Bathalismo
  • And many others…

These individual sects each have their own chapters all over the country and even abroad.  Some of them are found primarily in Laguna, in the town of Calamba, and in Quezon Province at the foot of Mount Banahaw.

Parallels: Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal

Rizalistas believe that there are apparent parallels in the lives and persons of both Jose Rizal, and Jesus Christ.  Some of them even believe that Rizal was Christ himself, reincarnated.  These parallel traits and characteristics include:

  • Jose Rizal is the messiah of the Philippines, just as Jesus Christ is the messiah of Israel.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal were good and upright men who pursued their ideals with purest methods and intentions.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal were Asians.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal were born into a country that was under colonial rule.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal paid no attention to human differences in status, education, race, etc. and believed in equal and peaceful coexistence of all human beings.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal were healers.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal underwent mockery and trial for unjust charges.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal were executed by their enemies.
  • Both Jesus Christ and Jose Rizal died for what they believed in.


  1. I believed Dr. Jose Rizal is a Philippine hero and exemplifies the highest honor for Filipinos. But let us remember that He is not GOD. He is just a man like you and me as well as Mary.

    1. I agree with you. Rizal should not be worshiped, he is a mere human, a sinner just like any of us. God is the one and only true God and therefore He alone must be worshiped. God's first ever commandment to us is "You shall have no other gods before Me" (Exodus 20:2-3). To worship only Him is God's first and most important command to us. Come on people, open your eyes! and see that the only one that can bring true salvation is through Jesus Christ, His Son, who died on the cross in our place. Accept Him now and receive eternal life. This is God's promise. He will never lie to us.


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