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Rizal's Family: Genealogy and Bloodline

Shown below are the genealogies of the Rizal children (pictures taken at Fort Santiago, Intramuros):

Saturnina Rizal's Genealogy
 Saturnina "Neneng" was the oldest of the Rizal children.  Her husband, Manuel T. Hidalgo, hailed from Tanawan, Batangas.

Paciano Rizal's Genealogy

Paciano was Jose Rizal's confidant.  Though he died a bachelor, Paciano had two children by Severina Decena, his mistress.

Narcisa Rizal's Genealogy

Narcisa "Sisa" was a schoolteacher.  She married Antonio Lopez, the nephew of Fr. Leoncio Lopez.

Olympia Rizal's Genealogy
 Olympia "Ypia," the fourth of the Rizal children, married Silvestre Ubaldo, a telegraph operator who hailed from Manila.

Lucia Rizal's Genealogy
Lucia married Mariano Herbosa, who was the nephew of Fr. Casanas, Jose Rizal's godfather.  When her husband died of cholera he wasn't given the honor of a Christian burial because he was Rizal's brother-in-law.

Maria Rizal's Genealogy

 Maria "Biang" married a man from Laguna, Daniel Faustino Cruz.

Jose Rizal's Genealogy
 Jose "Pepe" Rizal had an only son in Dapitan with Josephine Bracken.  The boy, named Francisco after Jose's father, lived only a few hours.

Concepcion "Concha," Jose's younger sister, died at the age of 3 when she fell severely ill.  Her death was Rizal's first sorrow in life.

Josefa "Panggoy" and Trinidad "Trining" both died old maids.

Soledad Rizal's Genealogy
Soledad "Choleng" was the youngest of the Rizal children.  Her husband, Pantaleon Quintero, hailed from Calamba.

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